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There are a vast number of races in the Starium XCV universe. Both humanoid and non-human races exist. At the formation of the Concordium, the Emperor decreed that the predominant races would be responsible for policing their own star systems.

The Concordium maintains a central starfleet and army that are primarily used to advance its interests through all of known space via the quantum gates. Yet, it is enshrined in law that each race encountered maintains its own cultural identity. From each star system or in many cases multiple star systems, there emerged political states that give their allegiance to the Concordium and are dedicated to protecting their own territory and promoting their own self interests. By and large, these states emerged through bonds of racial and cultural lines.

The Concordium

The Concordium


The Concordium is many things to many people. Some good, some bad. All are in agreement, however, that it's greatest achievement is uniting multiple different races together under a single cohesive umbrella.

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Alternating between authoritative, benevolent, tolerant and xenophobic ideas, the Concordium represents the very best and the absolute worst of sentient life. From its humble beginnings as a Gervian empire, it has matured and grown over the centuries and now stands as the pinnacle of civilisation in known space.

When outside threats align against the Concordium as a whole, the races can be unusually co-operative and present an united front against any foe. They see it as acceptable to manoeuvre for power against their own, but should an outsider meddle with even their most detested friend then the full wrath of the collective comes to the fore. It is only during times of disunity and serious infighting that the Concordium has really shown any vulnerability.


These races include humans and races with physical appearances very similar to humans.


Stand in awe of the mighty Valdus! A race of warriors, priests, builders and rulers who one day dream of walking among the gods.

Valdus female by James Goudie
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The Valdus are generally tall with light coloured hair, light eyes, and fairly prominent pointed ears. Although outwardly not very strong, they are imbued with very dense muscular structure, which provides for surprising fortitude and strength.

Their culture is based on a strict caste system, with their role determined at birth. Although caste is usually determined by parents, there are instances where a Past Speaker may declare a newborn to be of higher or lower caste than their parentage would suggest. This occurs more often than might be expected, particularly for those of Warrior, Ruler or Knowledge castes. The ultimate goal for all Valdus is to live and die well and thus be reborn in a higher caste. The highest caste, the Ascended, exists in a plane between mortality and immortality, their spirits returning to mortal form in times of great danger or change.

The Valdus have spread among many core worlds, both as conquerors and settlers. Historically they have built and destroyed great civilisations. Only after joining the Concordium has their constant warfare subsided.


The Inarians bring culture to a colourless universe! Their natural curiosity is both a blessing and a curse. It allows great insight into the truths of life, but can also lead to insanity as greater meaning lies beyond, forever impenetrable to them.

Female Inarian by James Goudie
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Inarians are among the greatest artists known to exist. They have an extraordinary way of experiencing life because they are gifted with extremely powerful senses. For this reason, they feel they have a greater appreciation for the arts and life than others, and they pity those who cannot experience life the way they can. They are highly artistic, favoring artistic expression and form of functionality, rather than the functionality itself. They are also very intelligent, both in their use of technology and in the unique approach which they use to solve problems.

Their skin tones range from dark brown to ebony, which accentuate their brilliant, blue or emerald eyes. Inarian faces are short, and angular with prominent fan-like ears and oily slick hair. They have the ability to create illusions and their uses for it have helped them to further harness their artistic abilities.


As the founders of the Concordium and through their fearsome psionics and a mastery of manipulation, the Gervians possess power both literally and figuratively. They consider themselves natural leaders and mean to demonstrate their superiority to the galaxy.

Gervian female by James Goudie
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Olive skinned, Light Brown to Orange-Red eyes, physically very attractive. This human-like race is common in the core worlds and can be found frequently. Culturally they are extremely varied, and pride themselves on being very observant and good negotiators. As a race they are blessed with some psionic abilities, and these gifted individuals are highly regarded in Gervian society.

The Gervians own countless worlds and boast an equally huge population, which makes them one of the most powerful races in Concordium space. They were the founders of the Concordium, the fact of which they are exceptionally proud and quick to remind others. Gervians are very politically savvy. A large number are found in the bureaucratic offices of the Concordium or as captains of industry throughout known space. Domestic politics are exceptionally cutthroat, with the rise and fall of politicians being very fluid. The most senior councillors use a combination of guile, intelligence, and ruthlessness to maintain their positions.

There is a great divide between rich and poor Gervians, as wealth and power are the primary symbols of status. Slavery as an institution (although officially abolished) is widely practiced, particularly on the frontier worlds where cheap labour is required to keep the economy growing. There is a degree of social mobility in Gervian culture. Those from a poor background are able to become rich while the wealthy could go bankrupt, either through poor risks or by the machinations of their rivals.


A race obsessed with the divine, the Charians are capable of going to any length to redeem their position as gods among mortals. Instead of embracing the natural or supernatural they have instead turned to the machine and through mastery of them they have managed to restore a degree of what they had lost.

Charian female by James Goudie
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The Charians are a race of fallen gods. Although the loss of their power happened centuries ago and many generations have since passed, they still collectively remember what they once were and each is fascinated with seizing such potential again. They are not an innately evil race, but such obsession drives them down various paths to restore their lost power, and some venture down darker paths than others. Conversely they are also capable of great benevolence. Even those who are considered to have truly fallen can redeem themselves through unexpected kindness and generosity.

As a people, they are very tall with a lanky, bony physiology. They tend to have a medium or light complexion with their skin taking on an unhealthy pallor. Their faces tend to be quite long square structure, while their cheek bones are high and well defined. Their eyes slant upward and their noses do not protrude with their nostrils being virtually arched under the eye.


Although a very young race, the Masians have risen quickly to become the most respected engineers and artificers in Concordium space. Despite the admiration for their abilities, however, they are considered abominations by some as they are the product of genetic engineering.

Female Masian by James Goudie
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The Masians are among the most unthreatening races in Concordium space. They entirely lack natural weapons and have no psionic ability with which to defend themselves. These humanoids tend have a smaller stature than other hominids, with light nearly pasty skin and large round eyes that dominate their faces. Their limbs tend to be thin, almost spindly, which makes them physically weaker than other mammals. Their hands are very long with five multi-jointed digits. Their ancestors were not apex predators. They were, in fact, excessively hunted. This background has given them a natural humility and an entirely different outlook on life. While most Concordium races are predatory and competitive by nature, the Masians are co-operative and polite, finding it easy to seamlessly form problem-solving teams without losing their individuality. This is reflected in their diet. All Masians are vegetarian, their digestive tract being entirely unsuited to processing meat.

This gentle nature and humility hides exceptional creative talent – the average Masian stands intellectually above the other races, many even making Charian professors look like fools (though they take no satisfaction in this). The Masians are organised by a meritocratic caste system that defines ones role in life, but allows those with proven ability to rise in status. They have virtually no interest in theoretical academic pursuits, preferring instead to bend their powerful minds to industry and innovation,. This tendency, reinforced by a culture strongly emphasising these pursuits helped the Masians become the most prolific artisans and inventors in the Concordium.


While these races may have some similarities to humans, Non-humans are drastically different from humans in both physiology and physical appearance.


Female Maratasen

Tremble in fear at the bestial power of the Maratasen!

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The Maratasen are a fierce and warlike feline non-human race noted for their individual toughness, agility and strength. Because of these traits, they have risen to become some of the most esteemed warriors within the Concordium. They are a clan based race, the foremost of which is the Dawnguard Patriachy. Individuals can trace their family roots for thousands of years and their oaths can last just as long. Their culture is founded on intricate social and political considerations, based on honour and is so complex that few outsiders can fathom it.


The skies will be filled with the enigmatic Saraven! Their combined ability with flight, psionics and stealth truly makes them a real force to be reckoned with.

Saraven female by James Goudie
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The Saraven are roughly bi-pedal humanoid creatures that have both arms and wings. They stand 2 meters high, have massive wingspan and are covered in deep bluish almost black feathers. Their heads look similar to owls, with eyes that have vertical slits and range from green, to brilliant red. They are able to take flight and stay aloft for many hours before needing to land and rest. They are not exceedingly physically strong due to a hollow bone structure that makes them also extremely lightweight. They are very reserved to outsiders, and have a rich complex culture that defines family ties only through matriarchal lines, and the decision makers and society power are also the females.

There are physical differences between the males and females, with the male being far larger and bulkier capable of great feats of endurance flight. The female however is smaller, almost delicate in comparison, yet it is the psycological which is the primary difference. Males possess virtually no psionic ability, while the females are among the greatest practitioners in the Concordium, and who possess some of the most invasive abilities ranging from direct psionic control to projecting nightmarish illusions.

The defining moment in Saraven history was the loss of the homeworld, Hadjara with the death of their star. When their sun became a red giant and expanded, the energies involved fried the atmosphere and killed most life. Thankfully the planet was rare in that it had no axial rotation, so the Saraven withdrew to the dark-side of their home until evacuated by benevolent Concordium forces. Hadjara can still be seen through telescopes, but it is just a molten wasteland of the paradise it once was, and its continuing existance taunts the Saraven. Since the event, the Saraven have developed an almost pathological fear of the light, and cling to darkness for fear that the lightmare will occur again.


Fighting for both justice and order within the Concordium, the Ursians control the legal system. For centuries they have struggled in the name of freedom and for the rights of all sentient beings, but there are those who wonder whether the laws are truly as neutral as they claim.

Female Ursian
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Massive, strong, and possessing a fearsome fortitude this omnivorous race evolved from bear-like ancestors. Covered in course fur, Ursians are most at home in cooler climates and thin atmospheres. Their survival ability is such that it is possible to find Ursians in even the most inhospitable places. This is a challenge that some individuals willingly embrace, as they can be found in the most unlikely nooks throughout the galaxy.

The Ursian government is a Kritocracy or rule by the judiciary. The legal wisdom and neutrality displayed by Ursian judges is universally recognized, so their advice and arbitration is regularly sought within the Concordium. However, the Ursian obsession with law does not come without controversy. As with any society, benevolence may not always be the intended outcome; there are those who use law as a means of power and control. Ursians are ready to go to war over a legality and they are always on the side of the law, even if the law itself is not always entirely justified.


Their innate psionic powers are both a blessing and a curse. Their small stature makes them a target for those who seek to exploit their power. The burdens of their history has toughened them and made them suspicious of outsiders, but those who earn their trust win unquestioning loyalty for life.

Tuleonetian female by James Goudie
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The Tuleonetians are a race of small statured feline creatures. Physically they are not great specimens, and certainly not natural predators like some of the other members of the Concordium. Instead, it is their unique psionic abilities which brought them to the attention of others, and it is these powers which can be considered both a blessing and a curse.

The most potent of these talents allows them to almost instantaneously transfer data telepathically between their minds, creating what is in essence an organic network known as "the Meld". Whereas, the other races are only able to create such communication links through advanced computing and with a significant outlay for infrastructure, the Tuleonetians can instead do this entirely naturally. This, of course, not only allows them to talk with each other over vast distances, but also to share memories and transfer information to each other, giving them the illusion of vast intelligence.


Once the nemesis of the Concordium, the Urix banded together with their former foe in order to tackle a common enemy. This ability to reverse their affinity so quickly is a window into their own conflicted nature, as they are forever struggling to apply a philosophy of self-control to their chaotic and destructive character.

Female Urix
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The Urix are a bi-pedal race of reptilians who are covered in a tough brown/green hide of small scales. They have a humanoid head with a sharp double row of teeth. The Urix history is one of constant warfare and violence, fuelled by their natural predatory nature and passion for destruction. The race came to the verge of complete annihilation several times, with the latest near extinction caused by an internal cold war that went nuclear.

Out of the radioactive wastes rose a clan leader, Khdvan, who introduced a doctrine of discipline and self-control to the Urix who followed him. Resistance to his ideas was at first fierce and violent, and many died in the resulting conflicts. Khdvan's teachings prevailed however, and when his detractors saw the prosperity enjoyed by his people and were reminded daily of the result of their own toxic nature, they began to practice his teachings themselves. In time there was a universal adoption of the Khdvan philosophy on the Urix homeworld of Nunaa.