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The Concordium has ruled the known Galaxy for two thousand years.

Your distant and remote agricultural colony was established twenty years ago along with an orbital Quantum Gate that linked your colony with the Concordium core worlds,

Everything was working as expected, until the unexplained destruction of your Quantum Gate isolated your colony from everything you knew.

Alone in an unknown arm of your galaxy, there are no answers to the questions of what happened to the gate, what happened to the Concordium? Why haven’t they come? Years pass and your colony grows, internal politics and issue arise that require a strong leader to give hope and vision to your colonists. Just as hope of rescue starts to fade, the discovery of an alien vessel that had crashed landed on your planet thousands of years ago, changes everything. Your scientists believe that this space faring probe yields a technology that can lift your people back into space.

What happens next is up to you…

© Starium XCV is a web based multi-player game that is being developed by Jim Landes, Dr. Tim Trainor and a team of talented artists and game designers.