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Base capacity
Maximum size ground unit that a base can build.
Base queue
Identifies how many ground-based military units are in production.
Base rate
Determines how fast and efficiently a base can produce units.
Base size
Determined by population assigned to creating base and exocredit costs.
Used by a player to contact other players. Beacons can be positioned on the System Map at specific orbits--usually around either the star or a world/moon. Player must be at a system to drop a beacon. Messages are preset, but players can include Empire name and contact information are part of the message. Possible messages could be "Claimed by Dragon Empire - [email protected]" or "Dragon Empire hails and welcomes trade - [email protected]". Fleets drop beacons.
Carrier Hangar Capacity
Light and heavy carriers have hangar space to transport scouts, fighters, bombers or army units. A ship's hangar capacity is figured in this way:

      - Three (3) army units = 1 hangar

      - Three (3) ships = 1 hangar

Exocredit (ξ)
In game currency generated by production and trade.
Used by a player as a personal notation about the Galactic Map. Flags show up in Galactic Scans only on player's screen. Possible notations include "Colonize ASP", "Wonder" and selected System information like types of objects in orbit. Fleets deploy flags.
Fleet Movement
These icons provide information about a fleet's abilities:
Fleet movement icons
Government Ethos
How an empire behaves within game play. Each empire is tracked for five traits: aggressiveness, altruism, egocentricity, belief strength and xenophobia. These traits determine the empire’s governing ethos. Over time an empire’s ethos can change. The player’s Empire Dashboard or another Empire’s Dossier displays one of the following icons to identify the current ethos. Colors representing the two dominant traits are incorporated into the icons.
Government Ethos behavior color codes
Government Ethos icons and descriptions
Industrial Unit (IU)
The base measurement of production cost.
Used by player as a personal notation for a specific area on a world. Armies post pins.
In game currency earned through game play or purchased by the player.
Shipyard queue
Identifies how many ships are in production.
Shipyard rate
Determines how fast and efficiently a shipyard can produce ships.
Shipyard size
Shipyard size determines two things:
  1. How large of ship can be built at this shipyard
  2. How fast the shipyard works

    Note: Orbitals can be created by any size shipyard.

Support and Efficiency Index (SEI)
Measures positive and negative influences of player actions and various events for an area.