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Frequently Asked Questions About Starium XCV

Do I have to pay to play Starium XCV?
You can start to play Starium XCV for free.
Will there eventually be a cost to play?
While Starium XCV can be played for free, there are optional limited costs for players who desire to maximize the efficiency or to enhance the customization of their Empire.
What do these costs involve?
Players expend "in game currency" which we call quadrans to customize their visual appearance in the game and to capitalize on their in-game successes. Quadrans are earned in a variety of ways both in and out of the game such as daily logins, liking our Facebook page, by owning key areas in the game that produce weekly payments in quadrans and by purchasing quadrans from the Starium Mercantile.
Can I play Starium XCV using my smart phone?
Yes, we are designing the game interface to be used on a variety of Web-based platforms.

© Starium XCV is a web based multi-player game that is being developed by Jim Landes, Dr. Tim Trainor and a team of talented artists and game designers.